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Chapter 15

Meet fifty ... 
Chapter 15

It is Wednesday evening, I have just had my first regular date in my life with a certain beautiful Miss Steele and I am convinced that it will also be the last date I will have with her.
She left in a hurry and left me standing in the valet area like an idiot.
I know I will see her tomorrow at the graduation ceremony, I am however not entirely sure that she will actually want to talk to me. But I need to tell her that she has to make a decision, this is driving me insane. I cannot figure out why I feel so strongly about this, I could easily find a sub somewhere else, but it is Anastasia whom I want, so I am determined that she is the one I actually get.
I decide to wear a certain silver gray tie tomorrow, that should remind her of some fun times tied to her bed. I know that she is not entirely immune to me or my looks or my seduction skills, so I will just have to play on all those things tomorrow and then tell her that she needs to give me her answer. The thought of her saying no is one that I do not want to dwell on. I cannot imagine that scenario, so I try to think positive thoughts and look forward to her yes tomorrow. Because positive thoughts are your trademark, Grey!
I know that I will not be able to sleep much tonight, so I go over my speech for tomorrow, knowing that it is just as it is supposed to be, this is my trademark speech. Everything is ready for tomorrow; Taylor has informed me that the Audi A3 will be ready for collection tomorrow afternoon. Sometimes it is very easy being me and having a right-hand man as Taylor, everything runs so much more smoothly when Christian Grey needs something.
I know that the tenacious Miss Kavanagh will be giving the valedictorian speech, so if worse comes to worse I will have to engage her to help me get the attention of Anastasia. There is the subject of her parents as well, I will need to meet them if I am to engage Anastasia. I have decided that I will just have to meet them and put on my best winning Christian Grey smile.
When it is 3 am I am finally able to find some sort of rest, it is not deep sleep by any means, but it is at least a little rest. Luckily for me I can function on a minimum amount of sleep, horrible nightmares will do that to you.

At 6 am I get up and ready for my usual run with Taylor. I do not think I would be able to function without this daily workout. It almost makes up for the sex I am not having, sex is usually my preferred outlet for all my excess energy, or well a session in the playroom does it. But I have to admit that sex with Anastasia is extremely good too, so that does it for me too.

On my way to the graduation ceremony I actually find myself getting a little bit nervous, normally I would not get nervous and I suspect that it is not because of the speech that I am nervous, but because of a certain brunette. I know that she will be amongst all the graduates, but I do not know exactly where she will be seated, so I will have to see if I can find her somewhere in the crowd.

When I arrive at the university, I am immediately greeted by a bunch of odd-looking professors and the chancellor and they keep thanking me for all that I do for the university and for the money I donate and the fact that I was willing to confer the degrees. Stupid fuckers.
They prepare me for how the ceremony works and suddenly I hear a familiar voice.
“Mr. Grey.”
“Miss Kavanagh. Nice to see you again.”  The last time I saw her was at her and Anastasia’s apartment, when I was practically wearing nothing. She looks at me with icy cold eyes and I get the feeling the she is not particularly happy about me being part of Anastasia’s life.
When the chancellor and professors are busy discussing something amongst themselves, she leans a little closer to me and whispers furiously so the others will not hear.
“You better fix whatever shit it is that you’ve done with Anastasia, she is not herself and she is not happy. She is too sweet and too innocent for your shit, just treat her right for once.” Then she turns on her heel and walks over to the professors and the chancellor and starts talking to them. I was standing there utterly speechless and annoyed. No one talks to me like that, but then again she does have a point. I do not want to hurt Anastasia, but I do really want her. I hate the fact that her best friend is telling me that she is not happy, I will need to change that.
We walk to the stage, Miss Kavanagh and myself as the last ones. I can feel the presence of a lot of women who in the instant I walk on stage start whispering amongst themselves. The usual response to my looks. Fuckers, I’m taken.
When I unbutton my jacket to sit down I scan the hall of hundreds of people, at least the students are seated in the front rows, which will make it easier for me to spot Anastasia.
When the chancellor starts talking it is easier for me to scan the hall and suddenly my eyes catch a figure hunching it’s shoulders and sliding lower in the chair. There she is, my beautiful girl. I catch her eye and she squirms in the seat and starts flushing. My cock start twitching at the sight of her reaction to me, and it is getting very hard now. That pink colour in her cheeks does something to me. She inhales sharply and the look in her eye heats up, if I did not know how innocent she is, I would say that the look in her eyes right now tells me she is hungry and wants me. I try to stifle a smile at her obvious revelation of her want for me and close my eyes to get my roaring thoughts in check and try to think of something that will lessen my arousal. When I open my eyes I fix on something in the back and decide that I should probably not look at Anastasia again, since I have to stand up in not too long to give my speech.
The chancellor presents me and makes sure to point out all the lovely things that I do for the university through my donations. If I did not know the man better, I would say that he has a man crush on me, but I know that he is trying to suck up to me so that I will donate more money than I already do.
I get up to give my speech and all the woman lean a little closer to the stage as if that will get them closer to me.
As I start speaking I glance in Anastasia’s direction without her noticing it of course. She looks mesmerized as she is staring at me. I have given this speech before and know it inside out so it gives me the opportunity to scan the hall while I am talking. I catch Anastasia scowling at the two girls sitting on either side of her, one of them is gaping at me, looking rather idiotic and the other one is squirming on the edge of her seat. It is a bit difficult not to laugh at the sight of that, but I remain stoically impassive as I give the rest of my speech and then prepare to hand out the damn diplomas. There are so many students that it actually takes a whole hour before it is Anastasia’s turn to receive her diploma.
When she walks toward me, she looks nervous and when we shake hands the usual sparks are there and our joint hands heat up. When I ask her whether her computer and phone are broken or she is ignoring me, she looks bewildered as if she does not understand what I am talking about. I will just have to talk to her later, so we do not block the line of eager students any further.

It takes another whole hour before this thing is over and I am fucking impatient to get to talk to Anastasia now.
I have no idea how I will get to her without anyone getting suspicious of something, so when Miss Kavanagh conveniently comes towards me, I ask her to go fetch Anastasia for me. She is not entirely cooperative in this matter, but when I shove my CEO demeanour in her face she gets the point and scurries off to find her best friend. I am talking to the chancellor when Katherine returns with Anastasia, who is looking a little flustered at being dragged back stage. I noticed a locker room just before they came and drag Anastasia in there to talk to her, and lock the door.
“Why haven’t you emailed me? Or texted me back?” I sound desperate even to myself.
“I haven’t looked at my computer today, or my phone.” She looks rather confused at my sudden outburst.
“That was a great speech.” I think she is trying to distract me from the issue at hand.
“Thank you.”
“Explains your food issues to me.”

“Anastasia, I don’t want to go there at the moment.” I could not have imagined how tough it would actually be for me to talk to Anastasia like this. I cannot handle this anymore.
“I’ve been worried about you.”

“Worried, why?” Does she not get that I am not too happy about that car.

“Because you went home in that deathtrap you call a car.”

“What? It’s not a deathtrap. It’s fine. José regularly services it for me.”
“José, the photographer?”
“Yes, the Beetle used to belong to his mother.”

“Yes, and probably her mother and her mother before her. It’s not safe.”
“I’ve been driving it for over three years. I’m sorry you were worried. Why didn’t you call?”

“Anastasia, I need an answer from you. This waiting around is driving me crazy.”
“Christian, I... look, I’ve left my stepdad on his own.”
At least she is not rejecting me point blank, that is always something.
“Tomorrow. I want an answer by tomorrow.”

“Okay. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you then.”

“Are you staying for drinks?” I really do hope to get to meet her father, then maybe if he approves she will not be so hesitant as to say yes.
“I don’t know what Ray wants to do.”

“Your stepfather? I’d like to meet him.”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

“Are you ashamed of me?”
I actually feel a little hurt at her saying this and it makes me think that she does not want this anyway, even though I just had a slimmer of hope when she did not say no.
“No! - Introduce you to my dad as what? ‘This is
the man who deflowered me and wants us to start a BDSM relationship’. You’re not wearing running shoes.” That is actually quite funny.
 “Just so you know, I can run quite fast. Just tell him I’m your friend, Anastasia.”
I open the door to let her out and see the chancellor and the professors looking oddly in our direction and I quickly explain something about clearing up a matter from the interview which Anastasia did with me for the student newspaper.
I spend some time talking to the chancellor and Miss Kavanagh, when she suddenly decides that I should follow her. She did look a little pre-occupied while the others were talking to her. She is up to something.
She drags me along and suddenly I see what her mission is. I spot Anastasia and some fucker who has his arm around her and his hand is leisurely on her waist. The fucker seems utterly besotted with MY girl and that does not please me the least bit. They are talking and she is smiling at him. I growl at the sight of them and Katherine looks quizzically at me. He is actually rather good looking and is looking at Anastasia as if she is the only woman on the planet.
When we reach them Katherine steps over to greet whom I expect is Anastasia’s father and then introduces me as Ana’s boyfriend. Although I did not quite expect that introduction I do not let it faze me and I stick out my hand to greet Mr. Steele. All colour has disappeared from Anastasia’s face and she is glaring at Katherine. When we’ve said our greetings, Katherine introduces the fucker who has his arm around my girl as her brother Ethan. Even when he greets me he does not remove his arm from Anastasia, which pisses me off. I need to stake a claim on my girl. I put out my hand to her.
“Ana, baby.”
She looks like she is going to expire at my words and slowly walks away from Ethan who is now scowling at me and walks to me. I put my arm around her and love the feel of her by my side. This is something that has never happened before, I have never been seen in public with a woman who is not part of my family. Neither have I been seen showing affection for someone in public. But standing here with Anastasia, her tucked under my arm, feels wonderful. I get a fleeting feeling of her being mine and I actually do not have a problem with standing here presenting an outward façade of being her boyfriend.
Katherine and Ethan excuse themselves and the questions from Anastasia’s father begin. I am guessing that she has not told him about be, since he has reacted the way he has. I must give him his due, he did not freak out by the bomb that Miss Kavanagh threw in his face, but he is not willingly giving up his daughter to some random guy. I do not think he knows who I am or perhaps he does not care, but he just regards me as a man who is trying to win his daughters heart. I know that now is the time to charm him, but not by throwing my money in his face. I remember Anastasia telling me that he likes to fish and since I do too, I figure that is the best way to get to him. We walk off talking fishing while Anastasia scurries off towards Katherine with a less than friendly look in her eyes. I suspect that she did not want her to tell Mr. Steele about us. I ask him about her car and tell him about my plans to give Anastasia a new car. He reluctantly accepts that it is a good idea, since I have the possibility to give her a new car and keep her safe, which makes him agree.
Anastasia comes back to us looking a little worried and then her father excuses himself to go find the restrooms. When he leaves Anastasia looks up at me a little nervous and then we are interrupted by a photographer. He takes a picture of the two of us together and I cannot help but think that this is going to give the tabloids something to write about. The first picture ever of Christian Grey with a woman in public. And I like it.
“So you’ve charmed my father as well?”

“As well?” Does she actually mean that I’ve charmed her? Oh I hope so.
I caress her cheek and lift her chin so we can look into each other’s eyes.
“Oh, I wish I knew what you were thinking, Anastasia,” As she looks into my eyes, her breath hitches and her cheeks slightly flush.
 “Right now, I’m thinking, nice tie,”
“It’s recently become my favorite.”
“You look lovely, Anastasia, this halter-neck dress suits you, and I get to stroke your back, feel your beautiful skin.” I love being able to run my fingers across her skin. It is so soft and lovely, just like her. The always-present electricity hums between us and my arousal is becoming evident as we look at each other.
“You know it’s going to be good, don’t you, baby?”
“But I want more,” Fuck, Flynn was right. This is make or break time. She wants hearts and flowers and I do not. But standing here with her in my arms it is more evident than ever before that I cannot let her go, so I will have to try another tactic.
“More - You want hearts and flowers.” She nods and looks at me expectantly and scared.
“Anastasia - It’s not something I know.”
“Me neither.”

“You don’t know much,” She is such an innocent woman, but so lovely.
“You know all the wrong things.”
“Wrong? Not to me.”
“Try it,” I hope she will not say no now.
 “Okay,” WHAT?!?!?!
“Okay. I’ll try.” Is she seriously saying yes to this?
“You’re agreeing?” I can hardly believe this, I thought she was going to say no.
“Subject to the soft limits, yes. I’ll try.” YES! I pull her into my arms and embrace her. I have never felt as happy as I do at this precise moment. This is an amazing feeling.
“Jesus, Ana, you’re so unexpected. You take my breath away.”
I do not have the words to describe this, but this must be just about the happiest moment of my life.
Anastasia’s father returns and asks me whether I would like to join them for lunch, but I decline. Now that Anastasia has agreed I need to prepare a few things and I intend on seeing Anastasia tonight when she is back from her dinner with her father.

When I leave the graduation I feel like I am floating on a sky and I have this funny feeling in my stomach. I decide to call Flynn when I get back to the hotel, just to get his advice on what I should do. Somehow I do not want to decline Anastasia’s wish for more, now that she has agreed to being my sub. I just need to get some perspective on how I should do it, since I am not interested in a regular relationship.

She said yes!

I don't own any of the fifty shades or the characters therein. They belong to EL James. I'm just borrowing them for fun and not for profit. Please refer to the Legals page for further details of the intellectual property rights for this work.


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