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Chapter 17

Meet fifty ... 
Chapter 17

I need to fuck her and I need to fuck her now. I am seriously pissed right now and I do not want to spank her for this. Well I do, but I will not do it, I am not scaring her off.
When we get into the apartment I lead her to her bedroom and switch on the light and turn to look at her. She looks uncertain and starts to apologize for the books and the car and then she tells me something very sobering: that I scare her when I am angry. I close my eyes and let my anger try to leave my body. I do not want to scare, that is one of the last things I want to do.
I tell her to turn around so I can peel her out of her clothes. I have to remember that she is not experienced in this and I need to build her confidence. Normally I would just tell her to get undressed herself and get ready to please me, but it is different with Anastasia. She needs encouragement to blossom in this and so I set about undressing her. Kissing her along her neck, enjoying the feel of her writhing with need in front of me.
I am not exactly sure what it is that is possessing me to be so gentle with her and telling her all those sweet things, but it just seems natural to do that.
I start to peel her out of that extraordinarily fetching dress she is wearing and start playing with her nipples that are immediately ready and puckered once the dress has slid away from her.
The way she is moaning and writhing I think she likes this, or rather, I know she likes this. She is incredibly responsive and sensitive which I fucking love about her. Did you just say love, Grey?!?!
Many of my subs were also very responsive, but since they were more used to the pain, it took some more to get them to writhe like this. My sweet Ana is so new to all of this that I hardly need to touch her before she is behaving like this.
As I tell her that I will not let her come yet and that she has displeased me she tenses slightly so I keep my attention to her breasts for just a little while longer. She start grinding against my hard cock luckily encased in my pants for the time being. If I was naked I am not sure that I could stand still like this, I would already have her on the bed and fucking her.
I slide my hands down her sides towards her panties, I can already smell her arousal which is so fucking sexy. I grab her panties and stretch them, to ultimately tear through them and toss them to the floor in front of Ana, so she can see them.
I glide my hand down to feel how wet she is for me and she does not disappoint in the least bit, she is soaking wet for me.
I turn her around so she can see me put my finger in my mouth to taste her arousal on my finger. Her eyes widen when I suck on my finger and I can see the arousal in her eyes. They are slightly glazed and hooded they are sparkling when she looks at me. I fucking love that she wants this as bad as I do. I can hardly keep my eyes off of her, so for the sake of getting this to last longer I tell her to undress me. 
She looks slightly horrified by the idea, but determined as my girl is, she grabs for my shirt to start undressing me. I tell her that she might need to touch me for what I have planned so the shirt needs to stay. Her eyes widen a little at that statement and she looks very happy, but then a concentration frown mars her brows when she gets ready to grab for my jeans. I take her hand and place it on my hard cock and she smiles mischievously and flexes her fingers around it.
I decide I want to try something with her, I tell her that she is in charge and she seems very very surprised by that. Frankly I have never done anything like that before, I am always the one in charge. Except of course with Elena, but that really is a whole other story.
At that statement she gets brave and pushes me onto the bed and I cannot help but laugh, not because it is funny per say but simply because she has found some sort of inner strength to try and please me.
She starts eagerly to pull off my shoes and socks and then crawl up the bed. Fuck, fuck she looks so sexy doing that and she has no fucking idea what she does to me.
She straddles me and slides her finger under the waistband of my jeans and I buck off the bed at her touch, shit that feels good. It is so tantalizingly close to where I want her hands, but also teasingly far away. Normally I do not really like being touched even there, but somehow whatever the fuck it is between us, everything is just more intimate with Ana than it has ever been for me before. And her touch right there has just ignited something and made me want her even worse than before. I did not flinch away which I would have normally done when touched like that. But there is something soothing about her touch too, even though it is an erotic touch. She throws my own words back to me, that I have to learn to keep still, which is quite funny.  
She starts on my pants looking a little uncertain and that frown marring her brow, especially as she tucks at them, but with me lying firmly on the bed there is no way she is getting them off me like that. I tell her to get the condom from my pocket and she starts searching slowly, taking her time and driving me wild. When she gets the two foil packets out she looks at them thrilled and toss them on the bed next to us.
When my cock springs free her eyes light up like a fucking Christmas tree and the braver side of her wins because she bends down and takes me in her mouth and sucks hard. Fuuuuuuuuccckkkk!
She is so good at that and she totally disarms me with her innocence and eagerness so all self control is thrown out the window and I can already feel that I have no control over this situation and that I am going to come very very soon if she does not stop doing that.
I need her on top, that is a position that we have not tried yet and one that I do not often do unless I can shackle my subs hands above her, so she cannot touch me. But I will not be doing that with Ana, which is why I have kept my shirt on. But first I need her to put on the condom. Fuck I hate those things, she needs to sort out some birth control, so we can stop using those fuckers. She opens the foil packet and takes out the condom and looks at it dubiously and I can she that it is sticking to her fingers and she is rather bewildered. I tell her to pinch the top and roll it on. With that frown in place again she very very slowly, too fucking slowly starts to roll it onto my more that eager and ready cock. I can hardly stand it, her touch is magnificent but because she is not used to this it is fucking taking forever for her to get it in place. I need her to do it on her own, but fuuuuuck.
Finally she is done and I need to be inside her.
I sit up so we are face to face and lift her hips and slide into her. She is so fucking tight I can hardly stand it. When I am all the way in I hold her still, I do not dare move right at this instant, she is so tight my cock feels like it is going to explode any second. When I have gotten used to the feeling I swivel my hips and she groans out loud at the feeling and wants me to do it again.
I lie down and take her hands and tell her to move however she wants to. I letting her believe that she has all the control, when in fact it is still me. I take her hands, both to hold her from touching me but also so I can control her.
She starts moving and I must say that I am a little surprised at her bravery and I am seriously turned on by the fact that she is riding me like this. The look on her face tells me that she is enjoying this and that she likes being the one in control. We find our rhythm and our eyes lock. I get a buck load of different feelings running through me when I look at Ana like this. For some reason it is very intimate, which I have never experienced before and it is incredibly sexy watching her, watching me.
My self-control has completely slipped and I know that I will come soon just because she is so fantastic.
I can see on her face that she is close too and I can feel her insides starting to quiver with the impending orgasm.
Suddenly she flies over the edge and it groaning and shouting, throwing her head back while her insides milk my cock for everything I have got to give. It just gets better and better every time we fuck.
She collapses on top of my, her head on my chest. Even though I am wearing a t-shirt I would not normally like this kind of contact. But when she lies down on my chest I do not flinch, much to my surprise. It actually feels really good having her there.
We lie quietly coming down from our orgasm and catching our breath.
As she starts to come back down to earth she starts nuzzling me, which again to my big surprise, actually does not bother me all that much. It is actually kind of sweet. I very much doubt that I would be okay if I were not wearing a t-shirt, but right this moment it is really nice just having her lying on top of me and nuzzling me. Then she lifts her hand and spreads it out on my chest on a soft satisfied moan, but that is too much so I snatch her hand away and kiss it in order to soften the blow of just jacking her hand away like that.
Once again she asks me why I do not like to be touched and I answer her that it is because I am fifty shades of fucked up. Fifty shades, that is me.

I feel this starting to come a little to close and personal for me, so I need to get back in control. I slide off of the bed and prepare to leave. I actually do not really want to leave but I really need to establish some boundaries here, so she does not get her expectations up too much.
I ask her when her period is due whilst I peel the condom off of myself, I really hate those fuckers and I want to stop using them as soon as possible.
I can tell that Anastasia is definitely not comfortable with this line of conversation, but I need to know these things. We agree that she needs to sort some contraception and that I will arrange for a doctor to come to my apartment on Sunday when she comes to see me after her and Kate’s move to Seattle. The thought of not seeing her for three days does not lie well with me, I just know that I will miss her like crazy.
I tell her that I want to do a scene with her when she has signed the contract, I need to know that she is in fact ready for this. Then she as she so often does, surprises me by asking whether she can drag this out if she does not sign and it dawns on me that she actually can. I am nowhere near ready to let her go, so even if she does not sign on Sunday I am not entirely sure that I would actually tell her to leave. I do not think I will be able to that. So we joke a little with that and then she rolls her eyes at me. That has just made my whole night. Earlier I promised her that I would spank her if she rolled her eyes at me again and I intend to keep that promise.

No I am going to spank her and fuck her hard. 
God I love this. 


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