Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

I’m dutifully waiting at the airport for Mia, receiving a few curious glances from the few people that are at the airport at this ungodly hour of the day. To pass the time I respond to a few emails when I am torn from my phone from a louder than loud squeal from my over-enthusiastic sister flying across the airport directly for me. How the fuck can she be so energetic after an 11-hour flight?
She flies right into my arms, that I luckily managed to open, otherwise she would have knocked us both on our asses.
“Christian, I’m so happy to see you. God I’ve missed you so so much”
Maybe it is my newfound softer side, but having her back makes me realize that I have actually missed her quite a bit as well.
“I’ve missed you too, sis”
She puts her feet down and looks at me like I have grown horn or something. After studying me for a bit longer than I find comfortable she smirks at me and I know she is seeing right through me and before I manage to divert her attention she starts on the tirade.
“You’ve changed, Christian. Would that have anything to do with a certain brunette?”
“I’m not talking about that, Mia.”
“What is she like? What is it about that has captured you?”
“I’m not captured, Mia. Would you just drop it?”
“What the fuck?”
“I knew it.”
“You knew what?” This is starting to piss me off, she is just smirking at me and it is a little disconcerting to know that she is apparently seeing something that I am not yet quite understanding myself.
“I just knew it, you’d up and fall in love with the first girl that turns your head.”
“I am NOT in love. Now just drop it and let’s get your bags.”
“Whatever you say, bro. I can totally tell.”
“For fucks sake, Mia. Just drop it.”
“Sure thing, bro.”
God, that girl can be so annoying sometimes. If she was not my sister I would have given her much worse than that. The most annoying part is that I have not figured our what the fuck is going on here, but I know that I am NOT in love. I am not capable of loving nor being loved.
I heave all her bags out to the SUV and start the drive towards Bellevue and a whole day spent with my family. I cannot remember the last time this has happened and I intend to drive back to Escala for a few hours or more, just to get some distance before the big welcome home family dinner tonight. Apparently Elena is coming to the dinner and I need to prepare myself for that. I am not in the mood to deal with her today and of course my mother has unknowingly of our situation told Elena all about Ana and I. So Elena has been trying to contact me for the past few days.
I also need to prepare for Ana’s visit tomorrow. Even though she technically have not signed the contract yet, she has agreed to be my sub and therefore I am planning on taking her to the playroom. I just need to figure out how to do the scene with her. It has to be very light, firstly so I do not scare her to death, so she never wants to come back, but I do not want to send her into subspace, that will probably cause more damage than good. So I will not inflict pain, it will be more about the pleasure and I will have to ease her into the pain over a long while. I am not making the same mistake I made the other day and spanking her too hard.
In my early days as a Dom, being taught by how Elena acted, I did not do any aftercare after a scene, I usually left the sub to herself. But after having a long talk with the woman who runs the service that has provided me with subs for a long time and a talk with one of my former subs, I realized how important it is to do the aftercare and make sure the sub does not drop too much after a scene. After the drop Anastasia did the other day, I felt like I failed as a Dom, I should have predicted it. But because of my own emotions, I left her when she told me she was okay. Of course she was not okay.
“You look totally lost in thought, Christian. Are you okay?”
Mia pulls me out of my thoughts and I realize that I totally forgot she was with me.
“Sorry, Mia. I just have a lot on my mind.”
“Would it be about your girl?” My girl, god that sounds good.
“No, it’s about business.”
“So how was France?”
“You will not believe the things I’ve seen and done, it was just amazing and there was this girl that I started talking to……”
She blabbers all the way to Bellevue and when I pull up in front of the house, she leaps out into to our mothers arms almost before I stop the car. A few minutes of silence is fantastic. I have a ringing in my ear from all the talk she has been doing.
“Aren’t you coming sweetheart?” My mom pokes her head through the open door that Mia jumped out of.
“Yeah, just trying to stop the ringing in my ear from Mia’s squealing and talking.” My mom starts laughing heartily and I wish I could make her do that more often.
“Yes, she does seem rather enthusiastic.”
“Isn’t that an understatement?”
“Come along, son.” My father yells from the stairs and I am pretty sure that he is already tired of hearing Mia talking since she has not stopped talking at all and he needs someone to suffer with him.

After a few hours at Bellevue I excuse myself to go back to Escala to get some work done and get ready for tonight. That way Mia can get settled at my mom and dad’s and I can get some quiet, perfect solution.

I wander around my apartment when I get home, unable to find some calm and just sit down. Tomorrow Anastasia is coming here and even though she has been here before, this time it is different. This time she is mine and she is going to be coming here often, if I have anything to say about it and the Dom that I am, feels certain that I will get my way.

I walk to my playroom, open the door and look at all my toys and equipment. I remember the way Anastasia reacted when I brought her in here. I have become quite adept in reading people and when I saw the arousal in her eyes I almost leapt at her, right here. Who would have thought she was actually a virgin, FUCK that still pisses me off.
The thought of Anastasia here gives me an instant hard-on and now I need something to occupy me so I do not end up at my parents with a chronic hard-on from the mental images of Anastasia.
But I still need to plan the scene for tomorrow. I cannot leave anything to chance about this. I need her to enjoy so much, that she wants to do it again, preferably very soon.


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